Who is Genmac

Since 1983 GENMAC has been producing generating sets and looking at the future with a single, great stimulus: to sell all over the world high-quality generating sets that enable everyone to carry out their job freely and without forgoing safety and comfort.

Where we are:
has its seat in Italy, in the Emilia Romagna region, which is the fatherland of the automotive and electro-mechanic industry. This tradition, well-rooted in our people, has made it possible to put together a staff that has a mechanical skill as well as culture, and a real passion for our products.

GENMAC’S business philosophy is based on notions that are well rooted in the territory where the firm operates as well as in all people who devote themselves to it each and every day. In few words: Seriousness and Devotion.

Research and Development Department.
Each new model is planned and tested in testing rooms equipped for taking electric, thermal and duration measurements. Noise measurements are then performed in a special open-air area.

Quality control.
Before selling them, all GENMAC products are submitted to the Quality-Control personnel, who subjects them to a number of tests to be able to guarantee their perfect functioning. GENMAC has its own Quality Manual and is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

Customers’ Service.
A team of qualified persons are at your disposal to solve any problem, to meet your requests or supply information.

The reasons of a good choice.
products, light and elegant as they are in their typical Italian design, represent useful, reliable, durable and very competitive tools.

Thinking about the future.
Everyday, GENMAC believes and invests resources in expanding and renewing its range of products in conformity with the strictest international rules for safety and environmental respect.



Begun by Pieradelmo Beltrami in 1983, today Genmac is managed by (Descendants) his son and daughters who carry on the same principles he taught them : devotion to work, know-how and honesty.



The first Genmac



Launch of first line of portable generating sets


The new Challenge: “knock down acoustic pollution ! ”
Genmac designed a complete range of Sound proof generating sets, both gasoline and diesel.



Genmac won the first considerable tender for Sweden and began specializing in the development of generating sets for Telecommunications.
Strategic point: remote monitoring of the generating sets by GSM system or computer desk top.



Ioleo Beltrami became the President of Genmac
An owner who likes facing new challenges and who personally supervises the development of the products.


Genmac began its adventure in the US Market.
Genmac USA is established in Miami, Florida. To better support the US Distributors’ network, Genmac opened an office with skilled and qualified personnel and a considerable spare parts inventory for after-sales.



First NG and LP gas generating sets are engineered and manufactured.



Genmac moved to the new Plant


the customers.
In the Rental and Telecommunications section, the new target is to extend the maintenance interval to 1000 hours. A worldwide success!



Solutions for extreme environmental conditions.
Maintaining best possible performances when working at + 55° C and protecting operation of the generating set against sand storms.


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