Advice for Use and Maintenance

Your generating set needs to be properly maintained to ensure its operation is safeeconomical and trouble-free, as well as environmentally friendly.

Here are some tips.


  • Time schedule to perform ordinary and extraordinary maintenance may vary from one engine to another and it is detailed in the Engine Manual supplied with the generator. Check it and Keep it.
  • Always keep track of performed maintenances and mark the dates scheduled for the next maintenance on the calendar.
  • Maintenance must be performed by competent personnel. Avoid carrying out operations on the machine, if you do not have the skills, it could void the warranty. However, as the owner of the generator set, it is up to you to organize for maintenance.
  • The maintenance schedule (in the next issue we will cover this topic in detail) and routine inspection procedures must be followed carefully: - Stop the engine before maintenance and make sure it is not hot. - Always place the generator on a flat surface.
  • Do not run the engine in a closed room. Always make sure to maintain good ventilation in the work area. Engine exhaust can contain poisonous substances; inhalation can cause shock, unconsciousness, and even death.


  • Fuel is highly flammable and poisonousTurn off the engine before and during refueling. - Do not smoke during refueling. - It is highly recommended to keep a fire extinguisher near the generator set in order to intervene promptly in the event of a fire.
  • Do not overfill the fuel tank, or it may overflow as the fuel heats up and expands.
  • After filling the fuel tank, make sure to close the cap and tighten it securely, as vibrations of the engine might open it.
  • In the event of spillage, wipe it immediately with a clean, dry and soft cloth, in fact, besides being flammable, fuel deteriorates painted surfaces
  • Do you have a generator powered by gasoline engine? To prevent the carburettor from clogging, it is very important to perform this operation after each use (if the generator is not operated daily). 1) When you have finished using the generator, keep it running and close the fuel strainer until the machine switches off when the fuel circuit is empty. 2) If your generator is with key start, after this operation always remember to turn the key off to prevent the battery from draining


  • On first use, check if there is oil in the pan. Generator set is often shipped without oil.
  • Do not fill beyond the recommended level: an excess of oil could lead to irreparable engine damages; and make sure to close the cap and tighten it securely after topping up, as engine oil increases in volume when hot and could overflow.
  • Do not tilt the generator set when adding engine oil. It could unintentionally cause overfilling.
  • Periodically check the oil level according to the intervals of hours prescribed in the "routine maintenance" table and top up or replace it when necessary.
  • Do not operate the generator set without oil in the engine sump or with the cap not screwed on tightly

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