Emergency Backup Power Generators for Hospitals and Healthcare

Lack of electricity almost always implies a loss in terms of money, but when it comes to back-up generating sets for hospitals, electrical power supplies machinery essential to the lives of endangered patients.
A quality generating set is certainly the basis of any installation project for Hospital back up power, but many other skills and experience are needed to design these complex systems, often subject to strict regulations.


It is important that the generator intervene within 10 seconds after the power failure.
Different types of factors, such as voltage fluctuations or damage to any components, must not prevent generator to start.
The location where generators can be installed are often tight and binding, requiring customisation of the generator structure.


In addition to supplying high quality and reliable products, Genmac offers decades of experience in developing paralleling systems between multiple generators, generators parallel to grids, parallel to grids and UPS, security systems that enable generator start even in the event of main control unit failure, and customised programming to adjust starting times, monthly tests, and redundancies.
When necessary, Genmac modifies generator structure to fit it into predefined spaces, finding custom solutions ranging from the position of the control panel to special size baseframe, remote radiators, etc