Solutions for residential and emergency use

In the event of power grid or blackout problems, having a generator that guarantees power to your home not only means enjoying comforts such as air conditioning, boilers for water heating, television and electronic devices but above all means security for your family.

It is not possible to heat your house, activate alarm systems, communicate with the outside, open doors and electric gates without power.
Extended periods of time without electricity also mean damage to food stored in the refrigerator and freezer, problems with pipes that may freeze during the winter months, or floods due to submersible pump failure.

Buying a generator for your home and planning a regular maintenance schedule is therefore a necessary investment that everyone should consider for the safety and safety of the all family.


Home stand-by generators cannot be noisy or they will disturb both those living in as well the neighbours, and they must be equipped with a voltage regulator (AVR) to do not damage electronic devices such as computers, new generation boilers, home automation, etc. The generator must switch on automatically when the power supply fails, and go off when power returns.


Genmac offers countless solutions for this kind of application.
Silent and super silent power generators with AVR, automatic transfer switch, for both indoor and outdoor installation.
Special single-phase range with power from 3kW to 45kW, also available Gas-powered.
Special generators with vertical structure and super silent, suitable for balconies and narrow spaces, which can be transported in lifts, ideal for apartment dwellers.
Genmac also produces systems complete with solar panel for cabins in the mountain, where there is no power grid, and offers remote control via mobile phone in order to switch the generator on and off remotely and monitor all parameters and alarms.