Solutions for agriculture and farming

Generators are very important in Agriculture to power machineries in case of black out, or as primary source of power it can be moved when necessary in the locations where mains power is not available.


When it comes to cultivation, generators will operate outdoor, in humid areas, and in any case it is often in contact with water, dust and soil. For example, consider generating sets that power pivots and irrigation ramps. The generator is often a machine that is moved where and when needed on farms, within fields or stables, and must therefore be easy enough to handle so as not to require difficult manoeuvring.

When we talk about farms, in addition to environmental conditions, we must consider that the generator must intervene quickly and that nothing should be able to prevent it from starting. The power required during the night may be different from that required during the day, so the system must adapt so that there is no useless waste at time of low power consumption.


Genmac offers simple, reliable and sturdy generators with remote starting, enclosures for outdoor use, and designed to facilitate maintenance and refuelling.

Our offer goes from simple cardan generators to be connected to the cardan shaft of tractors to more complex generator systems set parallel such as those that power fish farms 24/7, alternating time slots with multiple active generators in other time slots, in which power consumption is reduced where only one of the generators is started, thus saving unnecessary costs.

In its numerous installations for chicken farming, Genmac has provided safety systems that enable the generator to be started even if there are some kind of breakdowns on the engine or main control unit for any reason, so that the supply of electricity is always guaranteed.

Genmac boasts long-standing experience also in this field and is able to suggest the right generating set for the specific needs of different installations.