Solutions for mines and mills

Genmac has developed specific generating sets for use in mining and milling plants, sold mainly in Europe and South America.


The environment around generators is full of rock dust.
The engine’s intake force drives the air from the outside into the generator, also carrying these rock and sand dusts which are highly damaging the engine and which will dirty the radiator, damaging it and blocking the ducts.


Genmac provides mechanical filters built into the enclosure and special air filters which, unlike the ones offered on the market, do not require maintenance. Also control panel is fully sealed so that dust does not damage the electrical parts and control unit.
The purpose of these specific accessories is to provide a mechanical barrier against dust present in the air.
Genmac also offers practical socket kits to easily connect appliances to the generating set without having to enter with cables inside the control panel at each use.


The result is an increase in the life and reliability of the generating set as well as a reduction in maintenance costs.