Telecom Backup Power Generators | Power generators for telecommunications

Genmac has been creating Telecom backup power generators since 1998. There have set up installations in Europe, Africa, Asia, Russia and South America.


GSM towers are often located in remote, isolated and difficult to reach areas.
A power grid is not always present and therefore telecom backup power generators are the only source of power and must work continuously 24/7.
Environmental conditions most often are extreme: desert, altitude, high temperatures.
For telecommunication companies, power generators are an investment that has to last over time and be 100% trustworthy.


The long-standing Genmac experience in this sector enables us to clearly understand all the requirements of this application and to propose suitable products and efficient, tested solutions proven in the field

  • Integrated oversized fuel tanks
  • Maintenance interval at 1000 hours (instead of 500) for a significant reduction in filter and material costs but also for labour and travel
  • Device for remote control via telephone or computer: in order to be constantly informed about generator operation, to be promptly informed about the type of malfunction in the event of a failure in order to be ready to intervene immediately and effectively
  • Enclosures designed to facilitate maintenance, reducing working time
  • Security systems for theft prevention
  • For Desert Application: air cooled engine powered models, mechanical filters on enclosures that prevent sand and dust penetration
  • Special super silent enclosures for use in residential areas