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Why we are the best choice

GENMAC products are silent and elegant with a typically Italian design and are a reliable, durable, and highly competitive tool.

The GENMAC Company

GENMAC is a generator manufacturer specialised in the production of generating sets since 1983 and now looks toward the future with a single inspiring motivation: to sell high quality electric generators all over the world, helping all people do their jobs professionally, without interruption and without forgoing comfort and safety.

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ENMAC was founded in Italy in the Emilia Romagna region, which is the fatherland of the automotive and electro-mechanic industry and appropriately called Motor Valley, with other companies of the calibre of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Ducati. This tradition, well-rooted in the people of this territory, has made it possible to put together a staff boasting mechanical skills as well as mechanical expertise and culture, but also love and a real passion for reliable, high quality products.

Based on concepts that are well-rooted in the territory in which it operates and in those people who devote themselves to the company each and every day. Two words: Seriousness and Devotion, to produce generating sets that continuously meet customer’s needs.

Each new model is planned and tested in testing rooms equipped for taking electric, thermal and duration measurements. Noise measurements are then performed in a special open-air area.

A young staff, motivated to do their job well, always working to put human relationships first. Continuous Genmac staff training generates high quality products and professionalism in our technical and commercial customer support. Our collaborators feel stimulated and motivated to create solid, lasting business relationships

Before sale, all GENMAC products are entrusted to the Quality Control personnel, who subject them to a number of tests to be able to guarantee their proper functioning. GENMAC, as a generator manufacturer, has its own Quality Manual and is UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified.

A team of qualified technicians are at your disposal to help solve any problem, meet your requests or supply information.

Each day, GENMAC believes and invests resources in expanding and renewing its range of products and services in accordance with the strictest international rules for safety and respect for the environment.

A brief historical reference

3 generations in the sector

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