Lighting Tower

Max height: 7 mt (Manual lifting)


LITTLE TWINKY Lighting tower is a portable and easy solution, to be connected to a generator or to grid power. It is possible to link in parallel up to 6 units powered by a single source.

Technical specifications

Main features

  • Manual lifting lighting tower with auto brake winch
  • 7 m vertical zinc plating steel telescopic mast
  • Mast and light 359° rotation
  • 4x160W LED
  • Each lamp couple has its own On/Off switch
  • Trolley with 2 wheels and 2 retractable handles
  • 4 holes for forklift and 4 hooks facilitate lifting from both sides
  • CREPUSCULAR Sensor for automatic switch on / off
  • Safety locking mast rotation
  • Anti-fall safety pin

Light | Lit Surfaces

4×160 W LED – 2800 m2