Hello everyone,

It is not the first time that at Genmac we work for emergencies.
Manufacturing generator sets to ensure continuity in the supply of electricity to hospitals, datacentres, airports, industries, farms, homes, etc…
We are used to calling for emergencies; to do a lot of overtime in order to quickly deliver our generators to those who need them immediately.
We went through floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, various crises.

But this time it’s different.
Today we are all fighting to stop the expansion of COVID19; an invisible enemy, we all know is there, and many compatriots are in the hospitals, fighting the worst battles.
The government invites us, as a manufacturing company, to continue working. And we are doing it.
We are all tried by both the fear of the virus and by the forced isolation that Italy have experienced for three weeks now.

In Genmac we implemented all safety procedures and are continuously improving that to protect Genmac staff, who never stopped working so far.
Fortunately at Genmac we can easily manage keeping  at safety distance constant ventilation of our premises and.
But what matters even more is that we are all working responsibly, protecting each other.

Once again I can proudly say that Genmac is made up of special people.
And I’d like to thank all our customers, collaborators, friends, who make us feel their support from all over the world every day.

United we will win.

Ioleo Beltrami