Genmac robust Italian-made gensets are a preferred choice in the kingdom. 

Despite extreme conditions, Genmac generators have been working for more than 20,000 hours at full performance.

In Saudi Arabia, two railway lines for a total of 2,400km, connect Al‐Jalameed to the coast of Ras Al Khair, and Hail to Riyadh and up to Dammam, crossing the desert. Every 20km along the rail lines, communication and signalling centres are located that are powered exclusively by Genmac generators.

The main adversities of the desert are the high temperatures, in fact we speak of 50°C, but above all the sandstorms that periodically cover these installations. Sometimes these generators are completely covered by sand and require a day of work to vacuum and clean all the site. Nevertheless generators must work 24/7.

Picture of the site before Sandstorm

Picture of the site after Sandstorm

Genmac has found a solution that required a dedicated engineering and design, radically rethinking the concept of generator in all its structural details, to ensure the proper functioning in the desert.
Genmac units have Special canopies with mechanical sand rejection filters that protect the heart of the generator and do not require specific maintenance or replacement but only the removal of sand from the surroundings.
As a result, despite these difficult environmental conditions, Genmac generators continuously work since 10,000 hours on an average and some of these have been working for more than 20,000 hours at full performance.

In addition to climatic aspects, these locations are also very difficult to reach and they are very isolated. These generators should therefore be entrusted for the after sales to expert hands, who can take care of the maintenance in a timely manner and with the right know how to prevent the mishaps that the crossing of a desert may involve.

The after sales service carried out by Genmac local partner AYOUN AL BADR CONTR. (ABC) Team, performing regular maintenance to Genmac generators and ensuring continuous operation and safety on the railway line, is fundamental and extraordinary.

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